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Dear Glennon: A Letter to a Woman Who Inspires Me


Dear Glennon:

When I had my first baby, I started a book collection. In it I’ve placed every book I feel has changed my life profoundly in the hopes that someday my sons might read one and know a new part of me. Last week, I added Love Warrior to that sacred shelf.

You put into words and context so much of what I have been feeling for too long. I’m an articulate an introspective woman, but between the overwhelm of marriage, daughterhood and motherhood I can barely form a sentence, let alone sort through my many feelings of disconnection between the “essential me” and my life, my intellect, my body, my soul. Or so I thought. Your book (and talk in Long Beach) gave me a place to begin and I can’t remember the last time I felt so empowered, so hopeful, and so inspired to live bravely adhering to my own integrity.

I agree with you: Love Warrior isn’t a book about marriage. Marital crisis is just one of many situations that put your message in context: to be whole is not to be unbroken, to be whole we must be in communion with ourselves.

Keep speaking your truth, Sister, and spreading your message of radical empathy. So many of us are listening, nodding, and thankful not to feel alone.



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